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Edwina fitzPatrick's artworks explore mutability and change in the living environment, particularly in spaces in which 'grey' (e.g. architectural); 'green' (e.g. forests) and 'blue' (e.g. rivers) environments intersect. They focus on how humans are affecting the nature, culture and ecology of a place. to create a "symbiotic reality". They also reflect upon how these delicate local balances intersect with complex global issues such as climate change and land management.


Edwina uses interactive fieldwork as her working methodology. This involves layered onsite research, celebrating narratives and conversations that are deeply informed by the history and the specific qualities of a place. These inclusive projects engage with the value systems and priorities of local individuals because they are experts in where they live and work. Edwina also collaborates with experts across a range of disciplines, including horticulturalists, biodiversity experts, engineers, architects, perfumers, foresters, archivists and composers. 

The artworks on this website represent a small selection of Edwina's practice, encompassing both sited projects (as permanent or temporary works) and work presented in galleries. The two are not mutually exclusive, as responding to a specific context has always underpinned her approach to making and installing work. 
She completed her AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council) funded collaborative practice-based PhD about sited artwork and climate change in 2014. 


Edwina's latest residency and book can be found here.



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