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Anxious Roots and Routes

I simultaneously shot attempted entries to the woodland using two cameras. One was ground-based, the other was tethered below a helium balloon. The ground-based camera remained outside the forest, being distanced and static. The air-born camera had an itinerant/nomadic existence, being blown around and buffeted in a very different way to the floor-based  footage. 

The balloon is both a metaphor for, and actual cause of anxiety. As metaphor, it is the equivalent of a red map pin, saying “HELP. I’M HERE”. In physical terms, the anxiety derives from it being easily punctured in a forest context, which is unnerving when floating a state-of-the-art video camera 6 metres above the ground. Having said that, letting the balloon float upwards imitates a form of visual escape from the enclosed space of the forest.

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