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'Interbeing relates to the whole planet is one giant , living, breathing cell, with all its working parts linked in symbiosis
Thich Nhat Hanh

This series of gallery based works relates to the more than human perspective on our planet, which is in an intertwined environmental , ecological and climatic crisis. It focus making invisible interspecies  connections visible using fabulas. It explores the interbeing between trees, fungi and lichens

 ‘Lichens are fungi that have discovered agriculture’ (Trevor Goward) 

This small 3D work was created for London's Kingsgate Gallery.  It involves double-sided digitally printed images combining extreme close up images of lichen with a  life-size fungi.


It relates to the symbiotic relationship between both species.A lichen isn’t a single organism, it is a web that links fungi and algae. Lichen and fungi are symbionts.


'Whilst lichen are often referred to as being as being “immortal’ plants, returning to life with a few drops of water and surviving several space missions, they are also indicators of the global changing climate and air pollution, acting as biomonitors. They can live for thousands of years.
Merlin Sheldrake

 ‘Trees of the same species support each other unconditionally’
(Peter Wohlleben) 

This work is a cut out paper filigree of double sided images of oak trees and mycelium networks. The latter is often referred to as the wood wide web as the mycelial network provides nutrients and allows trees to support each other in fighting predators. 

Paper is of course, processed tree pulp. The work is suspended from an actual tree branch.

The oak trees were photographed at  Wistman's Wood, Devon - one of the last remaining ancient woodlands in the UK.. The oaks are stunted as a result of living in such a challenging environment

 ‘Lichens are  living riddles forcing us to question where one organism stops and another begins’ (Merlin Sheldrake)

This work combines clad tree branches, felled by extreme weather, combined with  digital paper prints of lichen and fungi. It forms a large scale screen connected by magnets that can traverse a space

The specific families of fungi associated with lichens are the Ascomycota (cup and flask shaped fungi) and the Basidiomycota families of fungi. This work only involves the former, which  include morels and  truffles. 

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