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Whilst ‘exotic’ plants are now commonly available across Europe, orchids are still able to inspire strong passions. Edwina became so fascinated by orchid collectors and their obsessions, that she painstakingly replicated over 200 phalaenopsis (moth) orchids as an act of homage.

These 3d, life sized paper flowers are pinned to the gallery wall as though they’re 19th century butterfly specimens. Whilst looking identical to living orchids, these replicas flatten and ‘neuter’ the plants reproductive (bi sexual) organs. No pollinating insect would approach them, although they have a strong allure for humans because they are beautiful, ‘exotic’ and mimic female sexual parts. Poignantly, most phalaenopsis orchids are infertile due to constant hybridisation by international breeding programmes.

An Orchid Collection consists of a series of installations and sculptures which explore nature, nurture and obsession. Together, they unfold the intricacies and unpredictability of breeding patterns, and raise questions about race, otherness, and integration. They look at biodiversity - making connections between human activity and plants' sustainability. Other works explore our current fixation on youth and longevity.


An Orchid Collection was made between 2005-11.



An Orchid Collection



Hybrid: the offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties

DIY Orchid Kit



Click on image to the right to download the DIY paper orchid kit

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